Tennis Elbow is pain on the outer portion of the elbow which extends to the back of forearm leading to reduce grip strength. This may happen due to overuse of muscles of forearm or micro tearing of muscles due to some injury like- Racquet injury. It is important to understand, only few people with tennis elbow is related to tennis injury.


  • Repetitive movements/ activities (gardeners, Carpenters, electricians, computer use), heavy lifting, constant rotational movements of Forearm, repetitive vibration
  • Chronic loading of muscle in sports like Badminton, squash, swimming, field throwing events

Clinical Presentation

  • Painful/ Tender to touch on outer aspect of elbow
  • Pain travels above and below the elbow (arm and forearm)
  • Grip strength reduced
  • Straightening of elbow painful
  • Painful wrist movements
Tennis Elbow Treatment

Physical Examination

Passive elbow extension, Passive wrist flexion and resisted wrist and middle finger extension painful.


  1. Medication- NSAIDS/ Corticosteroids
  2. Surgery- Open surgery or Arthroscopic surgery
  3. Physical Therapy includes Various ways to reduce pain, to gain mobility, increase strength and daily routine modifications
  4. Pain reduction can be sone by Icing elbow, Tapping elbow, Acupuncture techniques etc.
  5. Mobility can be gained by doing stretching of elbow and wrist muscles intermittently
  6. Strength of muscles can be gained by resistive band training or weight training
  7. Work routine modifications can be done by taking intermittent breaks at work and also wearing temporary brace on elbow to support muscles.


  • Avoid repetitive activities
  • Adequate size of racquet while playing sports
  • Good warm up and cool down
  • Generalized strengthening and stretching routine will help

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