Signs your body needs physical theraqpy

Everyone at least once in their lifetime will experience some kind of injury due to falling, tripping, overuse or degeneration. It is important to understand the importance of ensuring your injuries are looked after and a proper treatment plan is executed.

It will depend on various factors whether you see a doctor or a physiotherapist. Severe injuries obviously need attention from the doctor without any delay, but for many injuries, consulting a physiotherapist can be a best shot. They can assess and diagnose the injury – and give you a treatment plan to get better. It focuses on injury rehabilitation, recovery, and maintenance of a body’s well-being. It assesses human movement and helps build its capacity after an adverse event. 

Plus it can treat almost any type of body injury – to the legs, arms, neck, spine or torso including the chronic pain that a specific injury didn’t cause such as migraines and lower-back pain.

But the question is – What are the major signs by which you can recognize whether or not the wait and see approach is appropriate?

  • Pain is constant

You are experiencing some kind of pain – sometimes low intensity and sometimes sharper. If your pain is consistent despite you trying to minimize it by other external factors like heat pads or opioids, it is time you should see a physiotherapist. 

  • You are moving differently since your injury

Movement can be difficult or resistant after your injury. If you notice that your posture has a slightest change, don’t wait until it gets into something major as it would require much more attention as it would have required in an early stage.

  • Pain is easily reproducible after a specific movement

If you notice that every time you do a specific movement, it hurts, it means your injury might have affected something very specific. Unless you are not going to do a particular movement for the rest of your life, you would want to get assessed.

Understanding the importance of ensuring your injuries are following the appropriate timelines and how to recognize if your injury isn’t going to heal on its own is crucial for self assessment. The longer you wait for the treatment, the harder it will get to treat it. If you have been putting off physiotherapy, then wait no longer and book an appointment today. The Physiotherapists at PhysioRehab Group can help develop a customized treatment program that will be targeted to your specific problem.

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