Kinesio Taping

Is a technique based on the self-healing process of the human body. It provides stability and support to muscles and joints, while allowing complete body movement at the same time. It is a unique method, in which Kinesio Tape is applied on the body in a specific manner to alleviate pain and facilitate lymphatic drainage by microscopically lifting the skin.

Kinesio tape is a special type of tape, that reacts with the human body heat and supports the muscles by staying in place for an entire day. It is different from a standard ACE bandage, that wears off in less than a day and is not highly functional at the second use. Kinesio tape is only used once and specifically designed to stay in one place for an entire day. It is the acrylic adhesive component of the tape, that gives it this unique advantage. This adhesive gets activated when the tape is applied to the body, so the work starts as soon as the tape is applied to the body. The tape works well for athletes, because of the moisture resistant composition material, something regular bandages fail to provide.

What conditions can be treated by Kinesio taping?

It can be used to treat multiple conditions including:


Neck pain

Knee pain

Shoulder injuries

Back sprains and strains

Is Kinesio taping safe for pregnant women?

Kinesio taping has also become a popular choice for pregnant women in their third trimester to manage body pains. Third trimester of pregnancy is often marked with chronic pain in the back, knees and feet, kinesio taping helps reduce this pain, without the use of any artificial drugs.

Can Kinesio taping be done at home?

The method is only used after the evaluation of the patient by a certified physiotherapist. It is only after a thorough understanding of the cause, this therapy is recommended. It is not advisable to use the tape on your own, as it only works effectively when applied in strategic ways. A physiotherapist will assess the need of the body, and apply the tape in a strategic way, that follows the natural movement of the muscle. It is often used in combination with other treatments for the treatment of chronic pain and to prevent further injuries.

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