Concussion Management

A concussion is a minor brain injury caused by a blow or sudden jolt to the head. This sudden movement causes the brain to move from its place inside the skull. If the movement is strong, it can cause damage to brain cells and lead to chemical changes in the brain. If left untreated, this minor injury can lead to major future problems. It can inhibit growth in young children and bring on early dementia for older patients.

What are the symptoms of concussion?

The symptoms of concussion are not too apparent, and sometimes show up sometime after the injury takes place. Some of the symptoms of concussion may include:


Temporary loss of consciousness

Foggy head

Knee Injuries




Slurred speech

Sensitivity to light and noise

How can physiotherapy help with concussion?

Physiotherapy can speed up the recovery process of the brain. During the therapy, you can expect to work with a highly experienced physiotherapist, who will recommend a combination of treatment techniques that will help the brain to return to normal functioning and activities.

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